Cottage Portraits

In Stockholm there are a number of green spaces that are shared with koloniträdgårdar, or community garden allotments. On these allotments sit small cottages, cute little cabins used by the person or family that has been allotted that garden plot. I find a lot of comfort walking through the narrow red fenced paths of the kolonilotter. Since I am away from home country, these quaint and loved little plots bring me back to our home in the USA, having our own gardens to tend to and also a throwback to childhood and having a backyard playhouse.

In the winter these houses are boarded up and sit closed till Spring. All the greenery is dormant over the winter months and allows the cottages to be more visible to us on the outside of the fences. This is a time for the houses to be center stage. I meander around the lots for long walks with my thoughts and am always aware of the small birds that keep a watch over these houses. The house caretakers I suspect keep the birds well fed so in return the birds watch well.

I found painting these cottages helped me get through some grey, quiet winter times here in Sweden. I would love to keep painting more and more and may tackle some summer portraits which would mean a lot of garden greens and less actual cottages. I am intrigued by the colors and simplicity and am always looking for evidence of sun and its casting shadows. For especially in the dull light of the winter doldrums it is nice to see evidence of sun.

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