2017, Happy New Year

2016 ended quietly, without any big occurrences or incidences. I can be happy about that. I think the world is changing very rapidly all around us, politically, physically, technologically, and if for a moment I can be lucky to have my close family near, everybody safe, content, happy even, I am grateful. For those of you who know me, I can inform you we are still in Sweden and will be here through this year. Artistically, I don’t know where my path is taking me at the moment and I have not made any concrete resolutions. I don’t like resolutions, or the New Years Eve kind….I think they are short lived, destined to fail and just make you feel bad in the end.

At the last moment…actually on Jan 1 of 2017 I took a leap and started a cycling giraffe meme. In the past few months I have given it a lot of thought to a theme, or goal or continuous process of artistic direction that could transpire over the year. I came up short. But my last minute decision is still in an amorphous state. Drawing cycling giraffes is the common denominator, in which I hope this discipline evokes more creative giraffes and more ease at drawing both bicycles and giraffes. And at the end of the…proverbial…..day, I hope something else comes of this altogether. So here I  go, for now the weaving of the thread includes winter holiday activities, day to day simplicities….I am not sure if this will take a year, 365, or week days only, or total out at 50 or 100….but so far this is what we got. They are 7.25″ sq watercolor and ink paintings.

Like I said I don’t like resolutions, but I have made some mental promises with myself to practice more portrait drawings and work on anatomy understanding more as well. And of course, I want to keep the urban sketching very active in my daily life….I can’t express how much more an impact a sketch is than a photograph. I have included some of my portrait sketches that I make with the help from an app for your phone called sktchy…check it out if you haven’t heard of it….it is a wonderful tool for artists of ALL levels, very supportive and very fun. www.sktchy.com

and a few urban sketches….

To everyone, I wish you all a wonderful journey through 2017. Good cheer and good health, patience and good virtue. Keep your passions thriving and help to lift others up. Hugs and well wishes for 2017!

Happy Halloween

I don’t know why it has taken a whole month to do Johnny Depp….but I think I could probably do 31 DIFFERENT character portraits of Johnny anyway….Facetober 2016?

I have truly enjoyed this experience in discipline and personal expression…..it has been such a pleasure sharing this experience with other artists. This world of online/internet friends helps bring together so much enthusiastic support that I wouldn’t have lasted a month without all of you….every single one of you!!! I have seen so much talent and growth and personal braveness that has inspired me to push my own creativeness and boundaries of expression…..A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU!!!

….insert virtual group hug here!

Good thing November is Soon….


Facetober Update

Apologies as well, that I am really far behind in keeping up with you all…..hopefully this week will afford me a little time for catching up….I miss you all! Will add that it is vacation week for my 3 sweet quiet gentle angels, so my art supplies will probably go untouched. bummer.

October’s Portrait Face Challenge Update

October 11 I chose Jamie Dornan…I definitely find having facial hair to be more interesting and intriguing to draw.

October 12  I titled her Ms. Homosapien.

I can say she looks nothing like the character that I was painting….I even put a challenge out there….if anyone could guess the correct woman I was trying to paint then I would mail a little Painted Pear gift off to them….and not any bites….I guess everyone is too polite…

So Betty White caused a bit of a stir in the house….I am not good at portraits or likeness, OBVIOUSLY….but heck that is why I am doing this…to improve….but this drawing I really thought I had something, I see a likeness, I swear! But I see a small hint of Bette Midler too…which was never intended. My 12 yr old son knew who it was straight away though…

And Facetober Continues

I really sit here in amazement at the fact I haven’t posted all week….times flies addage rings true. And another amazement is that I have kept up with the Face A Day Challenge of October….a third of the way through and so far so good. Not all good though but that is why I am doing this…to hopefully improve. I am seeing a style come through and am intrigued by it. I don’t know if I am comfortable with it yet but I just keep letting the pen do it’s thing and see what comes of it.

Instagram……#Facetober 2015

Hey, sorry if I haven’t been too active over here….I have accepted a challenge and am being very challenged by it. Being challenged at portraiture, I thought this was a good way to step out of my comfort zone and away from giraffes (a little). Every day in October I shall post a hand drawn portrait of someone…I am also (#)tagging them Inktober since I use ink as well. Maybe 31 different portraits will do me some good…..fingers crossed, (not while drawing) ;).

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram it is an app used on your phone or ipad, or tablet, which you can display photos and videos with captions….you can view it by clicking on the word Instagram, or clicking on the small camera icon under my title The Painted Pear. Though not sure you need to set up an account to view…..