End of Autumn 2016 Exhibit

Summer is over and Autumn is now grinding to a wet and grey transition to bitter winter. My days of sketching outside I think are numbered…single digits even. I am having an exhibit in a kommun not too far, Spånga, hosted by the Spånga Arts Society. I will be displaying prints of my Giraffes on Wheels, a few new giraffes, and a handful of my colorful Autumn House pieces that have kept me upbeat for the past few weeks. As I feel the heaviness of the lack of sun, recreating the few gorgeous days of blue skies and magnificent color that Sweden provided this early Autumn has proven beneficial to my happiness. Below is a slight progression from urban sketching to playing with color and simple swedish architecture.

Come join me in Spånga, vernissage on Sunday, October 30th at Spånga Församlingshus, Värsta Alle 1, from kl. 17:00

Also open Weekdays from 9:00 -12:00 and 13:00-16:00 until November 12, 16:00

Tricky Red

Totally over worked the red berries…..first I was working on them yesterday morning, morning light, then came back to them last night, lamp light and then this morning….adding a touch of gouache to fix them and well…chock this up to a sketchbook live and learn….the berries have a translucence to them and deep shadows…tricky…

The Funny Thing About Feathers….


Yeah, I finally found some feathers and secured them in a zippered pocket so they wouldn’t fly away. I had a bit of fun keeping them from flying away just while drawing them….when I laughed or had an extra breath….like yelling at Dexter….they would float right off the table….

And another live specimen tragedy, there was gorgeous fronds on this green forest floor fern(okay say that ten x fast!), before picking it…

The Leaves…..


On Sunday Dexter and I headed out hunting. (not for ducks) The leaves are more weighted in the brown, less colorful hues, and the ground was fairly wet….I found a lot of lichen, a feather(!!!!)…I found in the grasses lovely leaves…lovely, veiny, vibrant leaves and I plucked them from the earth giddy with thoughts of my fountain pen. I laid them out on the examining table(aka white sheet of paper) they had all wilted, they looked sad and withered and I instantly felt horrible. I non-stop drew them…till my hands hurt so as their life would not have been completely wasted.

I set the alarm for 4:30…woke to see a hazy sky with a tinge of red dusting the rooftops….no Blood Moon for me and the kids!

Fascinated with Fungi

This is my idea of productive doodling….getting lost in a maze of twists and turns, shadows and crevices, the more I look the more I see but this is where I put the pen down. I am really torn on whether to add color or not…I think I will leave it as be, and go out on a walk and look for more of natures treasures.

treasures from my morning walk

drawing natureIMG_6495

The beautiful paintings and works of leaves and fall and pinecones and seed pods and feathers and just all the gorgeous Autumn nature out there in blogoshere lately has left me drooling….and itchy. NO NO not a seasonal allergy kind of itch….I kept my nose to the pavement yesterday looking for color and intrigue which made my walk go by much faster (which isn’t really what I want….I love my meditative walks!) I love the rich red leaves and the curvy nature of the lichen, the subtle green hues not pushed out completely from the ochre in the leaves…..I had feathers, I lost the feathers. They must have flown away   😦

and more green in the sketchbook

This new sketchbook is a Pentalic Aqua Journal, and I have to say I really like it. The paper is more white than the Hahnemühle travel journal I like, and the texture is a bit machine like, small grain, nothing organic or handmade about it, but the thickness is very nice (140lb vs. 135lb), better than traditional Moleskine in my opinion. Painting on both sides of the paper is acceptable. The only flaw, is that the stitching is coming undone in the center, and I am only 5 pages in but I think it will hold up….I recommend this product…if you were wondering.  (I used winsor & newton pan watercolors….still a bit overwhelmed with my Dr. Ph Martins….but I will get into them soon!!)

50 shades of green

As I was running through my checklist of “what to do’s” for the day during my morning walk, one of them was to pick up something interesting at the market to paint…..I have always leaned towards the fruit and vegetable isle to inspire me…….whallaaa…..I just had a V8 moment…

Well. everything. is. green. And I love green, I love the blue greens, turquoises, yellow and sap greens….but only green….I had to search high and low for some more color….

high red berries, low red berry, and blueberries..which disappeared on my walk home….

It cannot go unmentioned that I am so inspired with the work of Amaryllis . She does wonderful wonderful things!!