2017, Happy New Year

2016 ended quietly, without any big occurrences or incidences. I can be happy about that. I think the world is changing very rapidly all around us, politically, physically, technologically, and if for a moment I can be lucky to have my close family near, everybody safe, content, happy even, I am grateful. For those of you who know me, I can inform you we are still in Sweden and will be here through this year. Artistically, I don’t know where my path is taking me at the moment and I have not made any concrete resolutions. I don’t like resolutions, or the New Years Eve kind….I think they are short lived, destined to fail and just make you feel bad in the end.

At the last moment…actually on Jan 1 of 2017 I took a leap and started a cycling giraffe meme. In the past few months I have given it a lot of thought to a theme, or goal or continuous process of artistic direction that could transpire over the year. I came up short. But my last minute decision is still in an amorphous state. Drawing cycling giraffes is the common denominator, in which I hope this discipline evokes more creative giraffes and more ease at drawing both bicycles and giraffes. And at the end of the…proverbial…..day, I hope something else comes of this altogether. So here I  go, for now the weaving of the thread includes winter holiday activities, day to day simplicities….I am not sure if this will take a year, 365, or week days only, or total out at 50 or 100….but so far this is what we got. They are 7.25″ sq watercolor and ink paintings.

Like I said I don’t like resolutions, but I have made some mental promises with myself to practice more portrait drawings and work on anatomy understanding more as well. And of course, I want to keep the urban sketching very active in my daily life….I can’t express how much more an impact a sketch is than a photograph. I have included some of my portrait sketches that I make with the help from an app for your phone called sktchy…check it out if you haven’t heard of it….it is a wonderful tool for artists of ALL levels, very supportive and very fun. www.sktchy.com

and a few urban sketches….

To everyone, I wish you all a wonderful journey through 2017. Good cheer and good health, patience and good virtue. Keep your passions thriving and help to lift others up. Hugs and well wishes for 2017!

Cyklistens Dagar

Translated Cyclists Day, is coming up this Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23 under the beautiful cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. I am so honored to be asked to be a part of this event by Sthlm Bike…..so if you are in the neighborhood and want to come down to support Sthlm Bike please come by my tent and say hello!!!


I had the sincere pleasure to be commissioned to do some dog paintings for a birthday gift. Now that the gift has been given and I am not ruining any surprises…..I thought I would share….

Enzo is a flat coat retriever just like our Dexter but he has a different temperament. He is older, and is much more trained. He can do tricks and has been exposed to more social situations, either the dog kind or people kind(like coffee shops). He is a beautiful dog. As much as he looks like Dexters brother, he wasn’t too hard to capture his unique gait, his tricks, his way and his neighborhood.

So this is happening.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood and have a little time on your hands, I have put together all of my cycling giraffe paintings and prints. Come by and say hello, I would love to meet you!! I will be there this Saturday and Sunday, February 6 and 7th from noon to 3pm. The gallery will be open Monday thru Thursday for viewing as well and next weekend February 13 and 14th. ooooh Valentines Day…..

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.32.03 PM

giraffes on wheels announcement

Alvikstorpet Galleraget is located a short walk off the Alvik t-bana. Ekstigen 1, Bromma.

Birthdays and Dexter!

We celebrated a birthday this week not Dexters, but Dexters brother…my youngest son!! He enjoyed celebrating with us!! And so far so good with bladder issues, seems that was just a brief spell of either misconduct or our lapse in taking him out….Happy Weekend!

Dog Days #2

Okay, steady now….day 2, check….and we are having technical difficulties with the bladder….let’s hope it is not a recurring problem or the drawings will get messier….


Dog Days of December

1/31  All month long I am challenging myself to draw/paint/sketch/color a dog everyday….cause I don’t feel like Christmas shopping! You can follow along daily at instagram https://www.instagram.com/thepaintedpearart/


…and that is the first sketch in one of my DIY sketchbooks I made…..

….wow, it has been another week…in May