Backyard Wildlife

A little over a year ago I was asked by 4 wonderful woman artists if I wanted to join in a book collaboration with them. I jumped in with much trepidation but sure happy I did. Well, I have just completed my 4th and final book. Here is Gales book over at We all got to decide our own theme and her theme is Backyard Wildlife. I have to admit, we have had a little bigger break between books so I feel as though my style was more similar to the first 3 books and started to change a bit for the 4th and now this one. But overall it doesn’t matter because each book is stand alone.

Since moving to Sweden and living in a city, an apartment our backyard has changed from our suburban days in ol’ USA. I decided to use this opportunity to share what, or rather who Dexter encounters on a daily basis. We have a number of dogs in the neighborhood, quite a few in our very apartment building but the ones I chose to share here we have actually met the humans attached to the dogs. And birds. I actually could have thrown a few seagulls in there too, I noticed them yesterday. But these birds tend to be hopping around the grass more than an average seagull, when we are on our walks.

So as I started just drawing straight into the book, no rough sketch, I just dove in, what I drew was a simple city background. Typical Stockholm colors, black roof and terra-cotta’s, and ochre color. But half way through painting I was so mad because I really should have included the darling kolonilotts. After all, it is summer and we walk them all the time. So I took a little liberty and glued in an extra page and I really really hope Gale isn’t upset! Overall I am quite pleased. I think I did a good job of representing what is our backyard, and the a taste of Stockholm, the immense green that a well thought out city can offer!

Do check in all the other artists! All the books are starting to come to completion and I am looking forward to the one that I started too!

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