Global Book Collaboration #3

I received my latest book to contribute to back in June (?) and well, summer has a way of emphasizing procrastination to another level. This summer the heat and humidity reached astounding record levels here in Sweden so add that to excuses pile too.

The book I received is originally from Karen and the theme is Garden Life. As much as I love the kolonistugors and their prolific gardens, they are not mine, so it didn’t move me to paint the gardens that thrive so close to me. This theme eluded me for a few weeks….

But coming back to Dexter and looking at the book in a graphic way, I wanted to juxtapose Dexter against the shape and direction of the flower painted on the page before it. My original idea of his nose, head silhouette being similar to the Bird of Paradise plan but it didn’t quite work out that way. By adding the butterflies on the right side, I attempted to create the flow, but the direction they are headed is stronger at pulling you left, inwards. Hopefully Dexter looking out to his left our right keeps you moving in the right direction. Maybe I just overthink the graphic impacts on this….

So why Dexter, well he has been my theme, so why not. He is so skittish, and I tried to capture a curious face that wasn’t afraid. He would probably jump 5 feet off the ground if a Large Blue landed on his nose, haha! And as a last ditch effort to move the weight of the whole spread going forward, I added the Twinflower graphic. Afterall, Carl Linnaeus  was the ‘father of taxonomy’, lover of plants and SWEDISH. And on that graphical level again…..I wanted to link the color of Dexter’s tongue to the Linnea Borealis. The Linnea Borealis is the Swedish national flower, so it all ties together nicely.

So there you have it, #3 of this book collaboration will now make it’s journey to the west coast of USA, where Gale of  sticksstonesnpaperstew    will take on her challenge. Keep up with all the books with the links provided!!

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