Artist Book Collaboration #2


I am participating in a book collaboration with 4 other artists, here they are listed so you can check them out.

Anna Warren  or instagram

Gale Everett

Karen Bailey or instagram 

Cathe Jacobi 

A few weeks ago I received Anna’s book in the mail. I love getting mail and this is an especially special piece of mail to get! Since I have seen this earlier on her social media sites, I have given it some thought, but actually having the book in hand puts a little extra sweat on my brow.

Some of my musings included fungi, lichen, because I just love to draw lichen. I walked the grönsaker (swedish for vegetables) section of my supermarket for inspiration and fell a bit flat. But one morning, while walking Dexter, I was awake enough to see how interestingly he popped the heads off the dandelions. As if in a cartoon you would hear a pwahp, pwahp, chew chew. pwahp! Seriously, say it out loud. And that was it, my idea was in circulation.

I came up with a number of drawings, and some didn’t include Dexter. A few drawings focused on just the plant, aerial views, patterns, close observations.  In all honesty I feel my finished product doesn’t exactly flow with Anna’s first page. But after much deliberation, real soul searching actually, this was what made me happy and felt the most from me, instead of contributing in a style or manner influenced or more similar to Anna’s art.  I feel I have different styles, different techniques, approaches even, and really lamented over this being the approach I took for this book. This is what collaborations are about, about how the differences and similarities, colors, textures, styles all flow, or not flow. 😉


Anna’s book is titled “Eat Me”, observations of edible plants. Dandelions are certainly edible and I observe Dexter devouring them everyday!


This illustration is done with watercolor, color pencil, and graphite. Also a little black ink in there too. It was my hope to keep the momentum going with the graphite, across the page, since I feel Anna’s piece is more organic and with muted tones, I needed to add that muted feel of graphite which also came in handy as the medium to depict fluffy dandelion heads.