4 thoughts on “For all those beer drinkers, here is a Black and Tan 😉 needs to be “washed down” 😂 #art

  1. You really really should be thinking about a story-line for….a….book. Childrens, maybe? If you haven’t given it a real think….you should. No pressure here….but what a legacy for Dexter. And, for you. R.

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  2. Lots of info on writing/illustrating books (childrens) on Google. As a wannabe illustrator….I’d start with a story you and Dexter can live with! Ha! One of my favourite children’s book is entitled Cats’ Eyes by Anthony Tabor. Pub. Dutton/New York 1978. Fly leaf quote: “This is how the world looks to a cat, from the cat’s level of ten inches off the floor. Or at least to one cat in particular, a striped fellow named Tiger. This is Tiger’s story” All pencil/b&w drawings. If interested, book is out of print I think, email me and I’ll do some research for you. You make your own opportunities…Dexter and living abroad may be yours. Xoxo R.


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