Sweden has wonderful community gardens called “kolonilotter” where you can find the most eclectic little garden houses. A little garden house is called “kolonihuset”, or liten stuga. These little houses amaze me, truly, I walk through the red fenced pathways with my jaw dropped half the time. Stirs up childlhood memories of playing “house” with the swing set tree house. Some are traditional falun red, while others are painted with brightness. Since I am in a constant state of borderline homesickness, I get a feeling of calm as gather my thoughts during a walk through the kolonilotter.

During the winter, the houses are visible, or much more visible than summer. When summer is in full swing, the owners are always out gardening so you feel less compelled to gawk at the house, and the gardens steal the show.  If there is one perk to the gray blanket of winter here is that these little houses get to shine. Mostly all boarded up, locked up and their caretakers off to warmer places(maybe), these houses seem a little lonely. My recent walks this week I have been intrigued with the amount of birds that keep these houses company. Tweeting and chirping, foraging for ground samplings, the birds have stayed to keep an eye on things for it is too early to start hoping for spring.