Let’s just start over, welcome to 2018

I really can’t believe it has been a year since I blogged. I have felt pangs of guilt from time to time, knowing this little blog of mine was dangling out there. Instagram has definitely been the social media of choice so hopefully I have seen a lot of you over there. But I hope I have been able to link the two, instagram and wordpress so maybe 2018 won’t get so dusty ;).

I have been busy, still trying to find my artistic voice. Cycling giraffes have taken a back seat, but have not been kicked out of the car, yet. I have been exploring my watercolor techniques and adding color pencils. Urban sketching is still very much a passion and just coming off a kroki class tonight, I hope to do more of that as well. Dexter, the big huge flat coat retriever in our family is my fearful companion. I say that in earnest, he is very sensitive to loud noises, very. But he is a trooper and still is my favorite muse at the moment.

I hope you ALL have been healthy and creative over the past year!! Let’s see where 2018 takes us.