Let’s just start over, welcome to 2018

I really can’t believe it has been a year since I blogged. I have felt pangs of guilt from time to time, knowing this little blog of mine was dangling out there. Instagram has definitely been the social media of choice so hopefully I have seen a lot of you over there. But I hope I have been able to link the two, instagram and wordpress so maybe 2018 won’t get so dusty ;).

I have been busy, still trying to find my artistic voice. Cycling giraffes have taken a back seat, but have not been kicked out of the car, yet. I have been exploring my watercolor techniques and adding color pencils. Urban sketching is still very much a passion and just coming off a kroki class tonight, I hope to do more of that as well. Dexter, the big huge flat coat retriever in our family is my fearful companion. I say that in earnest, he is very sensitive to loud noises, very. But he is a trooper and still is my favorite muse at the moment.

I hope you ALL have been healthy and creative over the past year!! Let’s see where 2018 takes us.

14 thoughts on “Let’s just start over, welcome to 2018

      1. Hope the surgery wasn’t anything serious, but glad to hear all is back to normal. The new year rang in with nothing but just fireworks which drive Dexter the edge of a heart attack…otherwise simple and peaceful and blessed. Hope the same for you!


    1. Instragram is just too easy isn’t it! But I have missed this platform too. Maybe need to write a little bit more too. Well, it is good to be back, thanks for the welcome!!


  1. I’ve been loving seeing your work on Instagram, but yes, its good to have the opportunity to say a little more, show some bigger pictures that we get here on WP. I have been much less prolific here too – maybe 2018 is the year for all of us!

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    1. And same goes for you, I always enjoy seeing your work but sharing a little bit more here is also my goal. My biggest problem is finding the time to read and view all the art out there! It is so hard to keep up, just on instagram. I just don’t read and view lightening fast….ah, the skills my kids probably have though. But I am sure going to try!

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  2. It’s lovely to see you back here, like the others I didn’t post much in 2017 either. While I am loving Instagram, it is so interesting to have the longer conversation with people on the blogs, to understand more of the process and get to know each other more. I just wanted to thank you for all your black dog pictures. I wanted to draw my nieces dog for her for Christmas, but wasn’t sure how to go about painting a black dog. I recalled your paintings of your dog and studied them, they gave me the confidence to have a go. (My latest blog shows the outcome). Your influence stretches across the globe. 😉 Good luck this year and I look forward to following your journey. Karen

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    1. That is the nicest compliment! I am humbled. I will admit I have an extremely hard time with Dexter and curse a lot about how difficult an all black dog is to get well on paper!! So it is really nice to hear you get some answers on that process from Dexter paintings! I am looking forward to catching up on blogs very soon!! I miss the dialogue as well. So happy to hear from you/Rebecca

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  3. Hi Rebecca,I is so good to hear from you!  I have not been very good this past year about keeping in touch.  Once again “I will try to do better ” in corresponding…….time will tell.Have had some nice visits on the phone with your cousin, Sharon Owen in Medfield.  Don’t know if you have heard that Aunt Dorcas passed away this fall (Sharon’s Mom .) It has been an old fashion winter here this year……..extreme cold all over the East coast.  Lisa had a foot of snow in NC!  Max has been out of school more that in.  They will probably be going to school in the summer!I was at Christine’s this year for Christmas in NJ……..snow and very cold there too. Hope that you,Greg and children are well.  What are your children doing these days…….are Maddie and George still in school and what is Kaylee doing? Will you be coming to the states this summer?  If so would love to see you! Be well……..all for now,Liz

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