Return from Málaga, Spain

Sincerest apologies for not posting more often….after a very quiet summer, working on portrait art and a personal project that involved sneakers and cursing…..I was enlightened with a very memorable trip to Málaga, Spain. It was a workshop titled Pushing your Sketchbook Boundaries, hosted by 3 different artists, Isabel Carmona, Miguel Herranz and Luis Ruis Padrón

Another Urban Sketcher from Stockholm and I traveled and bunked together and on top of visiting Málaga, learning from talented artists, and meeting a whole bunch of new artists, I had the pleasure to get to know a beautiful person better! So here I share a few of my photos and experiences. It was about the art, but also the culture and the food. Spaniards are loud compared to Swedes and maybe an octave louder than Americans too…it was nice to experience this. But they don’t sleep at night…that was a problem!

10 thoughts on “Return from Málaga, Spain

  1. Thanks for taking us on your trip, it look like a full on and amazing course. What a great experience and I enjoyed looking at the different styles in your drawings. Must say would have loved to join in. Karen


  2. What a great trip and learning experience. Great sketches and something different from your usual beautiful work. That is how we all learn and Malaga looks beautiful.


  3. Sorry to have taken so long to reply.  Your trip sounded wonderful…….you are certainly having some fabulous experiences.  Do you have any idea if or when you will be returning to the states?  I have enjoyed seeing your art work!!What is Kaylee doing now that she has graduated?  How are Maddie, George and Greg? Must run and try to accomplish something!!!!love, Liz


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