Roslagsvåren 2016 check

Every day in May is coming along….well, of course, time doesn’t stand still….but by keeping the drawing simple I have been able to be consistent. Lots of other things going on…..for one thing,  training for this fun event! Training and riding with my good friend,  we were able to get this done (Roslagsvaren) 135k biking in good time with lots of smiles on our faces!! win win!

There was a new meme going on in instagram land called #artvsartist. I thought I would give it a try….I was curious how I would present next to my dog and giraffe works. I can’t figure out here if the theory that your dog looks like you or you look like your dog  really works with me……now be be nice everybody!

edim 3IMG_9688

11 thoughts on “Roslagsvåren 2016 check

  1. Great work as always Rebecca. It looks like you are having fun with this series. Also great work in the Roslagsvaren. 135 km at about 18 1/2 mph? Very nice, I have to get training more. I have a 100 mile ride in September.

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      1. Oh that is good too!! I know a few people that do that one!! That is awesome!! Hey being on a bike for 100 mi is hard enough without adding hills!! Pfff I am silly

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  2. Finishing any bike race is a great accomplishment! As long as you had fun. Love all your sketches here, rebecca, but especially the cutlery and the sandwich. I’m not commenting about the doggy pix and you…but, they’re all great, especially Dexter in top hat!

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  3. Great May series! I also really like the sandwhich and cutlery AND of course the dachshund and the tan dog (third from left, first row). Too bad May is coming to an end, but then off to our trip together! Love to all….

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  4. As always your art is stunning, love the details and how you are able to translate the beauty from the day to day items. The dog portraits and giraffe are always a joyful sight to see, adore Dexter and the expressive faces and personalities of all the lovely subjects.


  5. I really enjoyed seeing all your drawings for May and seeing the everyday items you choose to draw. The artist/ art is fun, it makes me rethink the images I make. If you look like your dog I am in trouble as my last two dogs have been a Great Dane and a west highland terrier, not sure what that says about me. Karen


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