Mothers Day 2016

Happy Mothers Day!!!!….the U.S. “Mothers Day”…..Sweden celebrates Mother’s Day at the end of this month…so maybe I can get in two celebrations 😉

Today I enjoyed a 5 hour class of learning the traditional painting technique Kurbits, from a very talented Swedish artist from Dalarna, well Mora, Sweden, Britt-Marie Nilsson aka, Britta. This technique focuses on the brush stroke, creating tear drop like shapes. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t impossible. Translates to gourd, or pumpkin, but kurbits is the decorated painting of leafy or floral depictions.  By the end I was taking my own liberties and allowances…..overall, a really special experience and met some really wonderful other artists and creatives. The kurbits technique is also used on the famous Dala Horses, that are also made and painted in the Dalarna region of Sweden.