It is May…that Every Day in May

Spring has sprung in Stockholm!!! You can feel the happiness in every footstep, sunglasses are gleaming, that sweet smell of earth and grass are all around! We will celebrate our oldest graduating gymnasium, my parents visiting us from across the pond and biking is in full swing….training for the Roslagsvåren.  May is always a fun month because it celebrates my daughters’ birthday!  I have a friend that believes that birthdays should be celebrated for the whole month…it took 9 months(or more 😉 to make you…one day a year doesn’t seem a proper duration to truly appreciate the beauty and celebration of “you”! and I agree!!!

I have started the Every Day in May project again….so here goes.

14 thoughts on “It is May…that Every Day in May

  1. Oh my heart! I cannot believe there is a graduation happening, as her first year is when I met you. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! What an amazing young lady you have nurtured.

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  2. Eighteen years have flown by…as well as the fifteen years of the Birthday girl…you and hubby have a lot to be proud of! Love to all

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  3. Our family love to celebrate birthdays too. We have a birthday zone, it starts with the first celebration, it’s height is the actual birthday and continues till the last birthday celebration. I hold the record for a four month birthday zone, when I stretched out my 50th birthday. 😉. Love the park and dog sketch, how awkward with the guy, never mind the drawing was worth it. Happy birthday to your daughter. Karen

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