This Urban Sketching Thing is Tough!

I never gravitated to landscape painting. I took a pastel class about 6 years ago…and the beautiful landscapes my teacher could depict was mind blowing. I don’t know what it is but I am never able to get the perspective perfect or perfect enough to set the place correctly. Urban sketching, which in my way of thinking is more about being in a city, places with straight lines, buildings, people, movement, activity is another genre of landscape. Landscape painting encompasses more of the fields, vast horizons, open areas, which could be labelled as more sub urban…suburban. Not trying to get all technical at all….but I am in awe of an urban sketcher that can capture a moving scenario, with people and buildings that have presence….as I am in awe of landscape artists in general!

17 thoughts on “This Urban Sketching Thing is Tough!

    1. Oh, of course!! Yes…practice practice! I need to do so much of it! But I guess I wish a bit that it would come a little easier to me, naturally….but 10,000 hours…. 🙂

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  1. I feel exactly the same. It’s really hard and super challenging. Every time I attempt a landscape or a cityscape I look at my efforts and feel horrified. My projectile is more like 30,000 hours. Yours looks really good Rebecca, I think you are on to something great.

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  2. I used to find keeping an art journal wasn’t easy but it is getting easier the more I do – but it doesn’t come natural to me so I understand what you are saying. Your drawings always inspire me, Rebecca! These are wonderful! 🙂

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  3. Hi Rebecca, yes I think you are right. Drawing in public and live is tough, no luxuries of time like at home. I think you’ve done a beautiful sketch of what was in front of you. Keep it up!


  4. At least you have been able to put people in your sketch, I can’t seem to be able to do that and just edit them out, which takes the vibrancy out of the scene. This is a great sketch full of action and sense of place. Well done. Karen

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    1. Thanks Karen but not to burst this bubble I was doing it from a photo….so they were not moving. I am so terrible and so envy those who can truly capture moving people from life……but huge thanks too….I appreciate any support! Would be fun to go out and urban sketch together!! 😃

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