My Japan Travel Sketchbook

Been slowly getting time to personalize, finish, tidy up my travel sketchbook that I took to Japan….it is fun to reminisce about the trip but it is also a little tedious as well.

24 thoughts on “My Japan Travel Sketchbook

  1. Beautiful travel sketches Rebecca. It is such a wonderful way to remember a trip. I also love to journal on my trips which helps me remember places and restaurants. I can also give a copy to friends that are traveling to the same destination. Great work.

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    1. It is going to be a wonderful way to remember years from now when the trip is long over!!! Great idea to give/make a copy for friends….hmmmm Thanks Wayne!!


  2. What an amazing trip. The things you witnessed and sketched are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings. I have always wanted (and continue) to visit Japan. It must have felt like a unique world so far away from everyday realities. Everything seems so graceful and thoughtful in Japan.

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    1. All I can say is that it was as unique and with also feeling not so different too….the world is getting smaller and with social media and Internet sometimes you feel like you have already seen that or done that…I can say that being in Tokyo, specifically Shinjuku area it felt like a video game….lots of noise, speakers, display videos, salespeople with amplifiers, just yelling Japanese….and strange colorful people dressed in strange animal costumes….it was an experience for sure!! But the country was quiet and had that thoughtful vibe….very clean country too!


    1. Thanks Karen….I was just commenting to another that I have never been so dedicated to document a trip in sketches before and though it is a lot of work it has brought a deeper pleasure to whole experience! Thanks as always for visiting!!!

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    1. Have never made this much of an effort before to sketch soooo much during a trip and Only sketch about the trip….has definitely brought a special feeling throughout for me! I highly recommend it! 😄

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