I had the sincere pleasure to be commissioned to do some dog paintings for a birthday gift. Now that the gift has been given and I am not ruining any surprises…..I thought I would share….

Enzo is a flat coat retriever just like our Dexter but he has a different temperament. He is older, and is much more trained. He can do tricks and has been exposed to more social situations, either the dog kind or people kind(like coffee shops). He is a beautiful dog. As much as he looks like Dexters brother, he wasn’t too hard to capture his unique gait, his tricks, his way and his neighborhood.

13 thoughts on “Enzo

  1. I love these paintings Rebecca. I really love the ones of him walking, the overhead one is so cool with light shadows. It looks like you had a lot of fun with this project! I’m sure the person that received these renderings as a gift was thrilled! I could tell this wasn’t Dexter, he has a different expression and I can envision his gait.

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  2. These are great Rebecca and so different from your Dexter drawings, I got a real feel for the dog from this series of drawings. I love getting to know different dogs and their various personalities, they are so interesting. Thanks for sharing. Karen

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