Little gifts….

Since I am mostly done unpacking from our Japan trip, let me share what I purchased at Sekaido Art Store. After we had dinner our first night we walked to find the Sekaido, it closes at 9pm and I only had @30min to peruse the premises…so I just window shopped, after all it is 6 floors and jam packed and thinking we were staying so close, I would have a few leisurely visits. Of course time flew and I found myself scrambling back there just before we were leaving for Nagano….so it was another hurried, frantic visit. Most stores don’t open till 10am and some even 11am…so when I showed up at 10am it was quite crowded…(since it opens at 9:30am!) I don’t really need any supplies…but I did want something special from Japan. sekaidoIMG_9013sekaidoIMG_9018

This is my truly special Japanese purchase, watercolor books. I bought 2 sizes.


I have my porcelain trays packed away in the USA….so I have been dragging my feet to purchase some here in Sweden but I just had to get this little round one…and then a package of plastic other trays intrigued me and a compact water pen.


I have all the supplies to carve rubber stamps, the tools, the ink pads the rubber….packed away in the USA too….sadly….but I have been itching to make more rubber stamps and these were a reasonable price.


This was a linquistic disaster….but the salesperson that I worked with tried so hard. I really wanted to get my own Japanese signature stamp. They suggested I use the first letter of my name but they were out of R’s or r sounding symbols…so the best I can remember this has something to do with being grateful or something. I only hope it means something good and if anyone knows what this means, please let me know!


And lastly, I just want to mention how nicely they package everything up with care. I love how they bag and tape things separately so everything stays secure and then you have the fun of opening later…..