What next…..

Yesterday I packed up what paintings that didn’t sell and met all the people picking up their purchases. A few people asked me how I felt about the whole experience. During the last 10 days I had a lot of questions asked that I had to answer without pre-thought….and that in itself was interesting. I would surprise myself with how comfortable I am getting with opening my sketchbook, sharing my giraffes, and what I used to think was weird about me, I am now really embracing. I don’t know what is going to happen next…but I do know, I would like to paint more cycling giraffes. The response was so heartwarming and genuine, from toddlers to adults that it has inspired a new flame, a new series maybe.

13 thoughts on “What next…..

  1. I’m so happy for you Rebecca! Your experience sounds so cool and the fact that you found your focus and confirmation is wonderful. Thank you for taking us along on your adventure. I really look forward to seeing what happens next with you and dear Giraffe!


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