A Nice Train Ride

On monday I took the train out to the printer to pick up thank you cards I made for the lovely people that purchased my art…..and there was this really well dressed man across from me on the train….I started nonchalantly sketching him while he was in deep conversation with his female companion. What caught my eye to begin with was his shoes and red socks. Unfortunately I didn’t size the sketch right to fit the socks and shoes….so sad! He was sporting a red striped button down shirt and a wool plaid red toned scarf….nothing short of dapper!


15 thoughts on “A Nice Train Ride

    1. Funny you ask….every time that I thought they were looking at me I would turn my head…I may have turned a shade of pink too…I felt a bit guilty….but in reality I think they were so engrossed in their conversation.


    1. I had a really nice pencil sketch of him and barely got her down before they got off the train. I sat and did the pen work later in the day. Maybe 45-60 min total overall

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  1. Great expressive hands Rebecca, just a lovely drawing. I have drawn people on the train a couple of times, but I get too self conscious. Plus our trains are set out so you mostly see the back of people’s head. Karen

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