And I survived.

The vernissage or opening weekend of Giraffes on Wheels was such a lovely experience! Starting with a  dear friend that persevered through a grueling 5 hours of hanging the show with me after driving me to the gallery! There was a moment when I was ready to have a temper-tantrum and just frisbee hurl a few prints through the window. But she kept me grounded, and we had some laughs!

I had no expectations going into this….this isn’t my homeland…I am solo! (Well of course my husband and kids kept me company). But I was honored with so many friends that came. It was (a bit scary) so nice to share this part of me. Then there was the visitors that walked in off the street and that was fun to see their reaction and speak about my experience and exposure to swedish cycling culture. My daughter heard a lot of people say “roligt” and “lustig” meaning funny or amusing. And that is a compliment to me!!