And I survived.

The vernissage or opening weekend of Giraffes on Wheels was such a lovely experience! Starting with a  dear friend that persevered through a grueling 5 hours of hanging the show with me after driving me to the gallery! There was a moment when I was ready to have a temper-tantrum and just frisbee hurl a few prints through the window. But she kept me grounded, and we had some laughs!

I had no expectations going into this….this isn’t my homeland…I am solo! (Well of course my husband and kids kept me company). But I was honored with so many friends that came. It was (a bit scary) so nice to share this part of me. Then there was the visitors that walked in off the street and that was fun to see their reaction and speak about my experience and exposure to swedish cycling culture. My daughter heard a lot of people say “roligt” and “lustig” meaning funny or amusing. And that is a compliment to me!!



26 thoughts on “And I survived.

  1. This is so great to see Rebecca! It looks like it was a lot of fun and very rewarding. Yes, I’m sure stressful too! I love seeing a room full of giraffes. I had no idea some paintings are so large. I’m incredibly impressed!

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  2. Yay, Rebecca!! I was hoping for this since I couldn’t attend in person. What a cool venue and the show looks like it was fabulous!! SO glad you survived…hehe… the world wouldn’t be complete without your gorgeous work and whimsy. Congrats on a successful opening!! ❤️😃

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  3. What a great space to showcase your fabulous art! New things can be a little scary but it sounds like it turned out to be the best time. I would have loved to see the work in person. Congratulations to you!


  4. YAY! I’m so excited for you! Congrats on showing your art! (It is all a bit scary to me too – so happy you have the support to help you do it!) Your whimsical style is such a treat for the eyes! 🙂

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  5. What a lovely space! I have every sympathy with the hanging, it can be so frustrating, but its always worth it in the end. Your exhibition looks wonderful. Having an exhibition like this gives your work a family feel, each work relating to the next.

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    1. You are so right, after the “hair pulling hanging” when you sit back and view it as a whole…it is really fun! I can see my own progression, and how each one is unique but flowed to the next in style or context. Thanks for commenting!!

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  6. Your work looks great in the space and it is so nice to see them all together and to appreciate the variety of size. It is always so rewarding to see a group of work hung together like that and to really acknowledge what you have achieved. So daunting to hang an exhibition in a different country, especially when it is about your impressions of it, but your work is so whimsical and joyful they could not help but to like it. Karen

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    1. Thanks so much Karen!! Funny to mention about hanging in another country….it has come up in conversation and everyone thinks they are just funny, whimsical, gives them energy even! Have had nothing but good vibes…but I have thought about whether they would take them the wrong way which was never my intention. I do think some will have a whole different appreciation for some passing bikers….

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      1. I am so glad the locals loved your drawings, having lived in other countries you become sensitive to the fact that you can offend without the least intention or even understanding, as I am sure you are well aware of. But your work is so charming there was little danger of that.


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