26 thoughts on “Home.

  1. It is a sad day when the home where you built so many memories is sold, but you have so many more memories to make. Right now you are creating so many moments along with a wonderful close, amazing family because of opportunities you chose to make work. Your painting is a beautiful way to keep cherished memories frozen in time.

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    1. Thanks Linda! Yup….I was just adding the memory to my sketchbook….the kids all had a memory or two, or 10 while I was sketching away….I am not sad, I am ready! Anything goes!! Miss you!!

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  2. Yes! We have memories of many happy times in the yellow home…Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays. Now we look forward to making memories in another home…love to all

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  3. I think, in honour of the change that is happening on a more permanent basis, that your blog *should be called The Painted Giraffe…I haven’t seen a pear, anywhere! 🙂

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    1. Good idea, good point! Something to think about for sure! I started blogging over 10 years ago….of and on…and looking back over my changes….well thank you for your advice!

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      1. It’s only a thought, Rebecca, not mandatory! I forgot to add that your illustration depicts a home that, to me, is filled with warm memories, laughter and sheer delight in its surroundings. I hope your new home will be just as good for you, if not better! Happy 2016…

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      2. I thank you for thinking about it….it is a good thought. I am certainly much more “The Painted Giraffe” now than a “Pear”!!! Thanks for the sweet compliments on our beloved old homestead….still trying to figure out where our new home is going to be…..yikes!

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  4. So glad that I got to visit you there! Grandson Jack has a friend who is in Stockholm and he has been interest in seeing your art work. Fun to be here with them in their new home in N.J.  I will be going to CT to see Carol Ann sometime soon for a short visit.  Then I will head for home! Happy New Year!Liz

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