16 thoughts on “My Dexter Book

  1. Brilliant. You inspire me to do more…let’s see how that turns out!! On another note: just watched your VIMEO on Saturday Walk and shopping in the NK. Every visit I made to your [now] city-home was a treat…especially the pastry cafe in the NK: lower level, down the escalator and to the right. VOILA! HEAVEN in pastry cases!!! Every time. Never disappointed. Hope you are enjoying your time living abroad. I sorely miss it.

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    1. Oh how wonderful you watched that video!! My daughter and I had so much fun making that….ah memories! I used to grocery shop in NK! can you imagine!!! Well if you are ever in Stockholm….let me know…we can fika! We could discuss the whole living abroad, expat thing….it has changed my life!

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  2. Love the video of the book and of course all the marvellous Dexter drawings. How much fun to have them all in one book. I want to make a video of my finished Bali drawing, but not sure if I have the skills to make a one a bit daunting. Karen

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    1. If I can do it, anyone can! I was gifted a Ziggi….which is a super easy USB camera. It sits on your desk and looks like a lamp that overlooks your work. People use it for classrooms and meetings. You can take a single picture, or a movie or stop motion…which I will try! Then I use imovie since I have a macbook….but I sure that there are other movie editing programs…..the ziggi made it easy though. Any other questions let me know….I can try to help! Selfish motives….I want to see your video!! 🙂

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