We welcomed in 2016 last night with an incredible bombardment of neighborhood fireworks. It started slowly maybe around 5pm, for it has been dark for hours here in Sweden and lasted till almost 1am! Around 10pm there was a constant popping outside. Dexter and his Best Furry Friend, Missy were very uneasy. It was hard to watch, nothing could ease them.

I woke this morning and started another Dexter page in my journal, a habit I can’t break. I am going to take the month off from doing a series. There are a lot of other things I need to focus on right now, but I hope to revisit a month of something in the future…..At this point, I am excited for the unknown ofย 2016!

17 thoughts on “2016!

  1. Poor Dexter! Stella is no fan of fireworks either and hides under our bed. Oddly no one shot off fireworks here last night. It was bitter cold so perhaps that made the festivities stay inside. Stella was pleased.

    Looks like Dexter had a good time otherwise, great ending to your Dexter series! Looking forward to seeing where your pen and paint takes you next! Happy 2016!

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    1. Thanks Cathe, Dexter is still my daily drawing muse….I need help…I don’t know how to start the new off….my pen is taking me NO WHERE!!! yikes!


  2. I slept through our fireworks, having laid down on my bed after having a few champers! Dexter looks like he enjoyed that glass…lol! Great detail, Rebecca, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I suppose a little bubbly would have eased his nerves a bit….but just to be clear….Dexter did not have bubbly….I don’t want some animal rights activists coming after me….lol

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