21 thoughts on “Dog Days of December II

    1. Oh thank you Sharon!! I have felt my own growth/change in how I look at him now and how I approach drawing him and all dogs. You made laugh out loud with your last comment….I suppose he doesn’t know but he would gladly lick every last one of you in appreciation!!! He is a “lover” oops I mean licker!! 😬

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  1. Oh your work is beautiful! You definitely need to ban insecurity from your mind and go forth! I found you on Charlie’s doodlewash and I will follow you and your work. Well done, Rebecca.


  2. Wonderful, beautiful and breath-taking art. Have so enjoyed seeing the many faces and facets of Dexter, he is adorable. Thank you for sharing these postings from Instagram, (I have not yet made the leap and I heave a sigh at all the great art I am missing), and for sharing your creative explorations. I hope the coming year continues to be full of inspiration and creative adventures…and a big hug for Dexter for being such a great companion. Peace.


    1. Thank you so much for your support and kindness!! Dexter is a character….my drawings don’t do him justice…and don’t make that leap if you are not comfortable! It(meaning instagram) is a very easy platform but so is blogging, stay where you are comfortable. And there is so much greatness in blogosphere to keep the eyes fullfilled….including your wonderful art!! Thank you for sharing your art as well.

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  3. I have just loved your month of Dexter and friends, you may have made me brave enough to draw my nieces black dog. I love all your drawings, but my favourite one is of his paws, don’t ask me why. I am so looking forward to what you do next year. Art is such a fabulous fun journey and I adore I get to ride along with so many beautiful people through their blogs. Happy New Year to you and your family Rebecca.

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    1. Karen, thank you so much for your support, kind words and being you and an inspiration to me….all the wonderful artists and blogs is overwhelming….heartwarming. I look forward to what 2016 brings…Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

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  4. You have really proved that it’s possible to draw black dogs! I love all the images you’ve created of your tail wagging friends (and Dexter too!). Thanks for your incredible work this year and I’m so looking forward to 2016!- Gale

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