Parents worst nightmare….

….is the thought of your children meeting up with strangers from the internet….well…..

I am guilty. And I am a two time offender now! And both times have been so positive so….well…..yah, my kids are really very cautious they would never…!

So I  want to share this beautiful experience of crossing paths from instagram to in-person, which in this world of global connectivity is rare to meet someone online that you can actual meet virtually. She lives a few hours away but was coming to Stockholm to drop off handmade boots guard bootsScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.42.50 PMher husband made for the Swedish Royal Guard… how cool is that! We met at Slussen, a busy and public place! We walked and shopped and ate and laughed and talked for the whole day! During our “talking” it came up that my birthday was this week….and low and behold, in the post this week….was a gift! A beautiful handmade gift with a beautiful message! The bigger gift is the friendship….which will be easily kept through the help of the internet….but the sketchbook is priceless! I am so touched and honored….so… the moral is…..still be careful of online strangers but then again, take chances too…….