My Little Red Giraffe Book

So artist and blogger Ruth Bailey asked what I might be up to in the red book that I originally learned how to book bind from…..very sweet, inquisitive and thoughtful artist!

I gave it a lot of thought….I really wanted something special and a subject that would hold my interest for the duration. Little snag is that the paper is a writing paper, not good with water, or markers, so that is why it will be colored pencil and ink. I might do some skeletal giraffe pages, maybe throw in some hooves too…..all in all, I just wanted to focus on drawing the giraffe more….and there are lots more pages to fill….so it will take some time.

14 thoughts on “My Little Red Giraffe Book

    1. Thank you! hmmmm….I have always gravitated towards them, back in college I made sculptures, wooden, large. then when I started blogging they popped up again…the face makes me laugh, and the body is awkward, the spots are unique(and fun to draw)….the characteristic of looking out of place…..sort of how I feel about myself….thanks for asking!!

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  1. Ahhh – such a wonderful idea for this book! I knew you would come up with something extraordinary! And thanks for the explanation on why you are interested in giraffe. You make them so full of personality, lovable and fun!
    Thanks for sharing what you have in this book with us!

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