DIY Sketchbooks

Because I can…because I can’t just leave it alone…because curiosity is going to kill me…..

DIY sketchbooksIMG_7141

After attending the bookbinding workshop just about a month ago now….I was intrigued and wanted to try to make more books but use existing bindings….repurpose. These books are down and dirty…there is NOT a bookbinding supply company on every corner…but honestly, I don’t need them to last an eternity. I found the process to be a little overwhelming….cutting the paper being the most tedious. I think it is helpful to go into this knowing it is going to take time, days or a week or so….not try to do everything in one day. And making a few at a time is a better use of time as well. I am really pleased with these. I will definitely make more and the most special part is the cover, the history of the cover, what was inside, the worn edges and graphics and discoloration gives a character that a brand new (sketch)book cannot.

And then there is the $$….I know someone is curious about that….well, the books were free(but in my mind priceless)…giveaways. The paper was roughly 225 kronor total = $25  (Fabriano 200gsm) Other supplies, clamps and wood panels, binding tape and glue were under 140 kronor = $16 and will be used again….the fabric is actually an old sheet I cut up free….thread I had….so…for roughly $40+ dollars I made these. And in Sweden that is a bargain!