DIY Sketchbooks

Because I can…because I can’t just leave it alone…because curiosity is going to kill me…..

DIY sketchbooksIMG_7141

After attending the bookbinding workshop just about a month ago now….I was intrigued and wanted to try to make more books but use existing bindings….repurpose. These books are down and dirty…there is NOT a bookbinding supply company on every corner…but honestly, I don’t need them to last an eternity. I found the process to be a little overwhelming….cutting the paper being the most tedious. I think it is helpful to go into this knowing it is going to take time, days or a week or so….not try to do everything in one day. And making a few at a time is a better use of time as well. I am really pleased with these. I will definitely make more and the most special part is the cover, the history of the cover, what was inside, the worn edges and graphics and discoloration gives a character that a brand new (sketch)book cannot.

And then there is the $$….I know someone is curious about that….well, the books were free(but in my mind priceless)…giveaways. The paper was roughly 225 kronor total = $25  (Fabriano 200gsm) Other supplies, clamps and wood panels, binding tape and glue were under 140 kronor = $16 and will be used again….the fabric is actually an old sheet I cut up free….thread I had….so…for roughly $40+ dollars I made these. And in Sweden that is a bargain!

13 thoughts on “DIY Sketchbooks

    1. Hey thanks Teri….you know…I really didn’t mean for it to be a tutorial….so there are holes in this one….any questions…please ask….


  1. These are really cool! I used to make something similar, but much simpler (wire bindings using a simple binding/punching machine). Bookbinding like you did looks like fun, although a lot of work – I’m sure it’s worth it in the end to have such a cool sketchbook!

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    1. oh, it is a lot of work….but yes I think it is worth it…..your bindings sound cool too ….wire and all. I used to work at a printer and we did a spiral type of binding….did not care for that. Thanks for stopping by….I really enjoy the comment!!!


  2. That’s my daughter! Great work and know how expensive art supplies are in Sweden, so this should keep you in stock for a few months…maybe until you return to the states!.! Love you

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    1. 😉 yes….maybe I should do a post about it soon….it is not complete yet, but it will take a lot of time… sweet to inquire….thank you!


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