I have been drawing more cars lately. Creating these collections (like my faces) is a driving force. A huge shout out to France Belleville Van-Stone, she has been and continues to be a strong influence….and of course Tommy Kane. And on a side note…I can’t believe the dent in my noodlers ink bottle I am making….!!

19 thoughts on “Cars.

    1. Thanks Cynthia! And I am still trying to figure out Dr. Ph Martins watercolor inks….they are lovely, I have been using them with my winsor newton pan watercolors. Very convenient if you want to do big washes, and you can get some serious vibrancy, intense color. I would recommend buying a few of your most favorite or most used colors from your palette and giving it a go!

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  1. Great cars, I love the way they fill and almost burst out of the page. Did you decide on which markers to use? I have looked at them a few times but have no knowledge about them, so your last post was really interesting for me. Karen

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    1. Thanks Karen!! About the markers…no…still have not picked my “marker” yet….undecided….my go to art store here in Stockholm has the Windsor Newton ones..fairly new to the market, but I plan on visiting tomorrow and inquiring…keep you posted.

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