Copic or Crazy

copicScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.05.45 AMHelp….I need another distraction like a hole in the head….but I have been thinking I might like to jump on this “marker” craze….I would love some advice, tips, personal experience from anyone out there….

Some of my questions….

  1. Brand…Copic, Promarker, Faber Castell, Winsor Newton….? And what is the best size…tip styles
  2. $$ per….and especially if anyone knows of good discount seller in Stockholm. I see the Copic markers are 55kr which is @ $6.50ea right now….
  3. I think you can refill Copic…can you use Copic refills in Promarker…so forth
  4. Color palette….I don’t want to go crazy, but what might be the best colors…in the smallest amount of markers? I am curious, can you layer it, to get darkness…instead of buying a darker version of one color…
  5. thanks in advance….

20 thoughts on “Copic or Crazy

  1. Good questions, I have only used a small set of Copic markers for value sketches (shades of gray + black) so sadly have no good answers. Am looking forward to seeing what you create with markers though, I know it will be stellar.

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  2. Back in the day (a really loooonnng time ago) I would create marker comps and thats the last time I played with markers. So I have no current opinion or help to offer. I’ll look forward to your discoveries.

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  3. Hi Rebecca – I have used Copic, but my preference is the Tombow pens because of the blending advantage. A suggestion would be to by a small set and try it out. Have you looked at Dick Blicks website for art supplies?

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    1. I have looked at Dick Blick….smallest sets I find are 12 pens…biggest problem is that I live in Sweden…and shipping to sweden is $$. So Tombow, I have heard of them, can you refill? Do you use a blender marker?


      1. Shipping can cancel out any savings. I don’t think you can refill Tombow. A blending marker is provided with sets. Or you can buy separate. you can use a brush with water to blend too. They have two tips, a brush and fine point tip.

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  4. Did you ever buy the copics? I have myself thought about it but am a little hesitant as I feel like I change mediums often enough, but they look so much fun. I think I will put them on my Christmas list.

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    1. No, I haven’t purchased any copics….yet! I didn’t really get a lot of feedback from the post and I am still weighing whether I need to explore another medium as well 😉 I tend to let my curiosity spread me too thin and then end up with lots of excess stuff and well…I did however pick up a set of Letraset ProMarkers. They are not the same…they are very permanent and strong and bleed through my sketchbook paper….which I did not like. I think copics are more like a watercolor…but then again….You will have to let me know when you get a chance to play around!!

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  5. Copic Markers are really similar to Letraset Promarkers in regards to the intensity of some of the colours and the tendency for bleeding. I prefer Copic Markers because of the brush nib, its so much more pleasant to use than those bullet style ones.
    Copic markers are very cheap to refill, and you can replace the nibs, they’re just expensive to buy initially. I love them 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful information! Just what I was looking for. So the markers (copic) bleed through the paper also? That is really what I don’t want. When using a moleskine type watercolor notebook then you loose pages…I have learned that maybe a watercolor pen such as Windsor Newton has now may be less apt to bleed through paper….again huge thanks on sharing your thoughts!!!


      1. Hi again, happy to help! Yeah the Copic markers, as with all alcohol ink markers, will bleed right through pretty much any paper. I’ve used the Windsor and Newton Pitt Pens which are water based and have a nice brush tip and they don’t bleed through even thin paper. They’re nice pens, I only stopped using them because I am a very heavy blender and I kept ruining the nibs and my paper by soaking it and working it too much! They are also not refillable which would make them an expensive choice for me in the long run.
        I have a small set of them here gathering dust, I’d be happy to post them on to you!?

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      2. That is more than generous and so sweet…!! Hold on to them!! I have a feeling I would be a heavy blender too! I am really not sure I am really ready to dive into this anyway….there are some amazing artists out there using this medium(you included) but I think I should stick to what I know…too old to learn new tricks maybe?? Besides, these copic alcohol markers, I have seen so crazy good art using pens….like, writing, “bic” pens….insane! Thanks again!! I appreciate it!


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