Throwing the kitchen sink at Giraffe

Every once in a while I like to study an actual giraffe….years ago I studied giraffe to create “my giraffe”, and I took some liberties…not to go unnoticed, walking on the hind legs, big one, but also I like a giraffe with a bigger snout…I don’t generally include a mane and the eyes don’t bulge off the side of the head as much….my giraffe might resemble more of a camel style face. But none the less, he is my giraffe. After a month of human portraits this was fun!

I also experimented with gouache….cause I had to….I painted the mouth area too dark. Jury is STILL out with that medium…not sure I really like the chalky texture. It is such a different animal than watercolor…and then the fountain pen scratched off the gouache so had to turn to color pencils…there is a hierarchy to these mediums….gouache being the last one to use! And I did use some Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolors and Winsor & Newton in there too….I basically threw the kitchen sink at this!