Throwing the kitchen sink at Giraffe

Every once in a while I like to study an actual giraffe….years ago I studied giraffe to create “my giraffe”, and I took some liberties…not to go unnoticed, walking on the hind legs, big one, but also I like a giraffe with a bigger snout…I don’t generally include a mane and the eyes don’t bulge off the side of the head as much….my giraffe might resemble more of a camel style face. But none the less, he is my giraffe. After a month of human portraits this was fun!

I also experimented with gouache….cause I had to….I painted the mouth area too dark. Jury is STILL out with that medium…not sure I really like the chalky texture. It is such a different animal than watercolor…and then the fountain pen scratched off the gouache so had to turn to color pencils…there is a hierarchy to these mediums….gouache being the last one to use! And I did use some Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolors and Winsor & Newton in there too….I basically threw the kitchen sink at this!

15 thoughts on “Throwing the kitchen sink at Giraffe

    1. No only the gouache scratches off….it is a paint that sits on the surface of the paper more than watercolor….I think it is also why it gives that scratchy feel to me….but I definitely used a variety of mediums!! Thanks for your sweet comments!

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  1. Rebecca, don’t you have laundry or beds to make or bread to bake or floors to mop or windows to polish or food to put up or clothes to mend or a car to clean or meals to prepare or , or, or, or something to do besides wasting Greg’s time on non-productive chores??? Just whom do you think you are, a modern women for example? The Giraffe is still my favorite,we have one hanging in our front stairway, in New Ipswich, that will help us get a good price for the home. It shows we have class like folks in Milton, MA. Well I’m off to make some bread at the Hoosier. Love, Unkle Lennart


  2. Great to see the Giraffe back. I am with you on the gouache, I pull it out on occasion, but it never works as well as I would like. I always end up layering it up with coloured pencils. I have also embraced the multi media technique and happily use a full range of mediums in one drawing. I don’t know why I had been so hung up on only using one medium at a time and felt like I was doing something ‘wrong’ when I mixed. Always so enjoyable to see the progression of your work too. Karen

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    1. Yeah, I have never gravitated to mixed media before, but it can be so fun…I am going to keep it in mind with more works. And try to give gouache a little more play time too. I remember that if you enter a watercolor exhibit, it might be against regulation if you used any kind of gouache or even inks….but not a problem for me these days…thanks for your kindness!!

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  3. Personally I love giraffe and so happy to see him again, he has been missed. He’s humorous after-all! Okay, did you sniff the gouache? Did you smell the gouache smell? Its weirdly comforting, not when it flakes off, but you know… Thanks for a good dose of Giraffe, just what I needed today! His lip is fine.

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    1. I totally sniffed the gouache SOOO FUNNY! I thought of you! and…well…not sweet…it reminded me of the paint we used in elementary school, came in bottles and come to think of it it would flake away over time…must be that chalky ingredient….I am using a an academic set of schmincke….I didn’t want to invest big $$ (thanks!!)


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