October’s Portrait Face Challenge Update

October 11 I chose Jamie Dornan…I definitely find having facial hair to be more interesting and intriguing to draw.

October 12  I titled her Ms. Homosapien.

I can say she looks nothing like the character that I was painting….I even put a challenge out there….if anyone could guess the correct woman I was trying to paint then I would mail a little Painted Pear gift off to them….and not any bites….I guess everyone is too polite…

So Betty White caused a bit of a stir in the house….I am not good at portraits or likeness, OBVIOUSLY….but heck that is why I am doing this…to improve….but this drawing I really thought I had something, I see a likeness, I swear! But I see a small hint of Bette Midler too…which was never intended. My 12 yr old son knew who it was straight away though…

18 thoughts on “October’s Portrait Face Challenge Update

  1. Your portraits are wonderful. Love how you capture the eyes and smiles. Ms. Homosapien reminds me of a professional chef and cooking show host while Ms. Homosapien II makes me think of a British actress (whose name I forget)…but they all remind me of how great character portraits are. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I am enjoying your portraits, I like your use of bold lines to do the portraits, it is inspiring to see your technique. Like others I am useless at recognising people real life or drawings, but I once I know who it is I can see the likeness. Karen

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