My Little Red Book

Happy Monday!! I was (so lucky) to be able to attend a course this Sunday in Stockholm on bookbinding, hard cover case binding. It was taught by Toby…a British guy you studied book binding and paper conservancy. It was a long day…11am – 5pm….there are many steps to making a book and he taught us with out any short cuts. Well, he did all of the preliminary cutting and measuring, which did save us a HUGE amount of time. But we used tapes and mulls and special glues and japanese papers. His multi-use book binding clamp, holding and tape sewing contraption was a work of art itself and he makes them by hand….I was really impressed with the whole class! Now, what oh what to draw in my handmade little red book???

27 thoughts on “My Little Red Book

    1. you and me both…I just don’t want to ruin is so cute…can’t believe I actually made this…it isn’t perfect, but it is perfect enough for me!


  1. I know how daunting it is to start something in a book this pretty but it will be all the more precious after you fill it with your beautiful art. So, why did you choose red? What does red mean to you? You’ve done some great pictures with red in them recently!

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    1. You are so sweet to recognize that about me….we were given 5 or 6 different cover colors and inside page colors and “headband” ribbon choices….and I did instantly gravitate towards a red cover….my kids were born with the mantra that mommy’s favorite color is black…it is slimming you know….but you always need a dash of red here and there.

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  2. How wonderful!!  I would love to be able to take a course like this.  Many of the tools look very familiar.  Some that we used in mending books were like many that us used, but we improvised!!!Your LITTLE RED BOOK,  is a work of art…….neat and clean!!! Liz

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  3. That is one very NEAT book! Use it for special occasions…
    Here’s a link you may or may not know about: She also loves to make books, small ones!

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    1. This was quite a special experience….you would have loved it!!! And no…I didn’t use for all the faces of Facetober….but I am doing something really special with it…thanks for inquiring!!

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