Instagram……#Facetober 2015

Hey, sorry if I haven’t been too active over here….I have accepted a challenge and am being very challenged by it. Being challenged at portraiture, I thought this was a good way to step out of my comfort zone and away from giraffes (a little). Every day in October I shall post a hand drawn portrait of someone…I am also (#)tagging them Inktober since I use ink as well. Maybe 31 different portraits will do me some good…..fingers crossed, (not while drawing) ;).

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram it is an app used on your phone or ipad, or tablet, which you can display photos and videos with captions….you can view it by clicking on the word Instagram, or clicking on the small camera icon under my title The Painted Pear. Though not sure you need to set up an account to view…..

15 thoughts on “Instagram……#Facetober 2015

  1. Rebecca, these portraits are so cool. You have quite a task ahead. Isn’t it interesting how our self portraits can have some funny expressions. I guess because we are looking so intense into the mirror or camera. I love your art style. I like how you added the leaf designs on your selfie page. I’m a Modern Family fan, too

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  2. So much character you are able to capture! OK, the ginger haired guy does remind me a teensy tiny bit of Giraffe. But that’s ok I think! : ) You mastered giraffe’s portrait and now onto humans. Looks like you’re bringing your mastery here, too, I’d say!

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  3. I was actually thinking “giraffe” when I looked at your second self-portrait. And then I realized that I’m not seeing giraffe in you, but I’m seeing you in Giraffe! Great response to the challenge. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hearing how you feel at the end of the 31 days!


  4. Love your portraits! Looking at these I would never have known they were not in your comfort zone, the beautiful lines, charm, and character are all there…and more. Really wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing these.

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