The Leaves…..


On Sunday Dexter and I headed out hunting. (not for ducks) The leaves are more weighted in the brown, less colorful hues, and the ground was fairly wet….I found a lot of lichen, a feather(!!!!)…I found in the grasses lovely leaves…lovely, veiny, vibrant leaves and I plucked them from the earth giddy with thoughts of my fountain pen. I laid them out on the examining table(aka white sheet of paper) they had all wilted, they looked sad and withered and I instantly felt horrible. I non-stop drew them…till my hands hurt so as their life would not have been completely wasted.

I set the alarm for 4:30…woke to see a hazy sky with a tinge of red dusting the rooftops….no Blood Moon for me and the kids!

14 thoughts on “The Leaves…..

  1. Ah, you remind me to enjoy the line work. This is very beautiful! I have jars and bowls with water so my plant life continue.

    No red moon here either, just a beautiful full moon!

    I look forward to what you explore next!

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  2. I wonder if your New England upbringing is influencing your interest in and appreciation of the foliage which appears not so different from what you experienced in your native land. Whatever…your work is incredible!

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