treasures from my morning walk

drawing natureIMG_6495

The beautiful paintings and works of leaves and fall and pinecones and seed pods and feathers and just all the gorgeous Autumn nature out there in blogoshere lately has left me drooling….and itchy. NO NO not a seasonal allergy kind of itch….I kept my nose to the pavement yesterday looking for color and intrigue which made my walk go by much faster (which isn’t really what I want….I love my meditative walks!) I love the rich red leaves and the curvy nature of the lichen, the subtle green hues not pushed out completely from the ochre in the leaves…..I had feathers, I lost the feathers. They must have flown away   😦

25 thoughts on “treasures from my morning walk

  1. I agree, everyone seems to be going out and finding wonderful treasures that inspire great paintings. Your paintings are gorgeous and so life-like. Fantastic…thank you for sharing. (Note to self: go for a walk and find cool stuff ;D).

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  2. Rebecca, I LOVE this! It truly is a celebration of the season through your eyes! The colors and details are yummy! I constantly lose feathers too, although I occasionally find them in the wash machine…

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  3. Your rich autumn color jump right off the page. I’m ooooing and awwwwing at your beautiful rendering of found fall treasure. Thank you for sharing your inspiring artwork Rebecca. Have a great day.

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  4. Your fall treasures are beautiful, Rebecca! I really like how you did the pinecones and the lichen – 2 subjects that I find extremely difficult and you made them look like a “walk in the park” so to speak. lol! :-)))


    1. Thanks for the kind words….hmmm try watercolor first, it is easiest, and cleanest and least expensive. Get a middle of the road watercolor paper, not a cheap sketchbook but a pad of student grade watercolor paper….140lb and a few brushes….and have fun!!

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