Nursing my super dog

Our Super Hero Dog Dexter is such a trooper…..I wish I could ensure him that this plastic shade is temporary. I wish we could discuss the need to remember the girth of the ring around his head and that there is great need to allow for much greater distance between himself and the….everything. I wish I could make him understand that the plastic edges hurt when he rams the shade into my legs. Otherwise, he is being really lax about the whole situation.

10 thoughts on “Nursing my super dog

    1. True, about the eyes…he is a bit melancholy but livens up if you give him attention….I cringe every time he hustles down the hall and bangs the corner of the bookshelf or catches the couch on the bottom rim of his shade…..he is a really smart dog, in dog smarts but I just can’t help him understand his “head” is so much bigger now…

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  1. Fantastic artwork but what is wrong with Dexter. Or is it one of those embarrassing things like he got fixed? We are trying to get a new (to us) home in Center Harbor. Lynda will die if we don’t get it. Have pity on me.

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  2. Such great drawings they made me smile thinking of the different dogs of mine who have endured the cone of shame. One blundered around into everything then ended up using the edge of the cone to scratch out the stitches another just sat in adjective misery wondering how the world could be so cruel. Hope Dexter is better soon and released. Karen

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