Adventures with Dexter

Dexter and I had our first full week of school last week and have enjoyed getting back into our daily routines……of course, we still go on our invigorating walks that resemble military training exercises, or extreme cross-fit……..

dexwalking dexter 2

dexwalking dexter

But sometimes I imagine he is sitting next to me painting….

dexDexter painting

Dexter enjoying sushi

Of course we enjoy afternoon lunch excursions with exotic delicacies…

after, we may lay in the park in the sunshine and nap together….

dexNapping with Dexter

and being a Swedish dog, he must have his daily Fika….where we chat up what we are going to make for dinner…

dexDexter at Fika

and then of course one of the things I really wish I could do with Dexter….take him biking!!

dexDexter on back of bike

15 thoughts on “Adventures with Dexter

  1. Rebecca, these drawing are so delightful and throughly entertaining. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and whimsical art. You have brought a big smile and a few giggles. Happy day friend.

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  2. Oh charming – you two! This is how my day is with Stella, she walks me or more like runs me and just takes on the day…funny she’s asleep at my feet right now, tired from a night full of thunder and lightening! Giraffe and Dexter are wonderful, they have made my Wednesday complete!

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  3. This is wonderful! Lovely art that makes the heart fill with laughter and delight. Thank you so much for sharing, this really brightened the day. Peace.
    (P.S. What a great book, and not just for children, this would be ;D)

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