Not all highlights are good

car 2IMG_6274

I was really excited at first so see this red little sporty thing but after a while I think I just went over board with the reflections on the hood. She sat under the shade of a tree but the sun was at 2 o’clock to her left….so a spackling of sun pushed through the tree branches creating a blue sky reflection which I just could not make sense with………

car 2IMG_6278

Obviously this acidic orange, slightly gold, raw sienna”ish” little 2 door number kept me sitting for a while….and lots of green still to be seen in these parts….but fall is coming!

7 thoughts on “Not all highlights are good

  1. I don’t mind the reflection on the red sporty car; I was more disturbed that he isn’t going anywhere until he gets his front tires aligned.
    I wondered about the slanty hood on the orange car, until I noticed that the little grey car is using his to push the blue car enough so that he can exit the parking space. Those inventive Swedes!


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