Another Day Another Car

car IMG_6252

I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been enjoying getting outside, going for a walk and finding a car that intrigues me enough to sit and paint it. Color, style, size….

I found this car on a seemingly quiet street….I had walked for a while, seems there are a lot of white, grey or black cars and those do not lure me. But as Murphy’s Law comes into play, as soon as I sit on the curb and get out the supplies….there is a traffic jam of cars, strollers and bikes that all need me to move in some direction to pass on this narrow street. I still got the drawing in….did not let the instant congestion deter me… after I left the street went quiet again! haha

11 thoughts on “Another Day Another Car

  1. Ahhh – the value of working in a series! This will not only be of great help when you go to put a car in a scene in future pictures, but it will come out in your work in unexpected ways. You’ve been getting wonderful shiny surfaces, using value to create form, seeing subtle differences in shapes and proportions, and capturing the environment, all while working on the move!

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  2. Love your cars, so vibrant and exuding character. The car as subject has never held my attention in the past, but your colorful renderings have changed things for me. I do not have your skill and will not attempt them, but, I have a new appreciation for cars as subjects and can now view them in an improved light. Thank you for sharing and opening a new door. Zoom zoom!

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