The Crayfish Party – Slurping and Singing

crayfish 2015IMG_6213

We were invited to a neighborhood crayfish party this past weekend. These beautiful little creatures look like miniature lobsters, but do not taste like lobster. The best part of the night was the company we were with…the tradition of this meal, all the songs and there was a full band which made this night memorable! We were in the company of spirited (and sober) folks….and I add this because it also tradition to drink a lot of schnapps while slurping your teeny crustaceans and sing…..we slurped and sang without schnapps! I made a traditional Vasterbottensostpaj……aka, a cheese pie, quiche sort of….Vasterbotten is a very nice swedish cheese resembling cheddar. The night was a perfect August night, that started out with brilliant sun that settled into the horizon, when we then went inside for crazy delicious desserts and coffee….then pedalled home.

crayfish 2015IMG_6212