School has begun

first day of school 2015-2016

School started last Wednesday, well, it was a meet and greet. 2 hrs. Thursday was a bonding day, short day, Friday was Friday……but today, Monday, first full day of ALL kids in school…and back to the normal routine. You can see what I will be doing and I am pumped for it! Supplies purchased, music queued up, sleeves rolled….and Dexter keeps his eyes on the scary vacuum cleaner….

11 thoughts on “School has begun

    1. I don’t know, right!!!!??! She cleaned all day and is really whooped now….and the kids came home happy to be back in school, so a win win day!


  1. Otto (aka Ottie bird) is pretty deaf and just follows me around as I vacuum, the rest of the four legged gang hides. Good that everyone is happy to go back to school, back to routine! Not a bad thing at all! Love your painting of dear Giraffe and Dexter!


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