My minivan

We don’t own a car in Sweden. I don’t drive for a year at time…till I visit the USA….

So here is the workhorse of our family….the “Basket Bike” we lovingly refer to it due to the maximum number of baskets we have hanging off it. It keeps what I can purchase down to a minimum, keeps the petrol bill down to zero and keeps the thighs firm.

14 thoughts on “My minivan

    1. ahaha! that is not our BBQ…sadly…cause it is a nice BBQ…and I appreciate that you think I do bikes well…cause bikes are bit of a pain in the “ars” to draw(…and sometimes ride…) I never get the wheels right…perspective is so tough with circles.


    1. well……the rolly cart comes out….not as much fun, but still handles the big stuff like dog food pretty well….I do get wimpy when temps drop below freezing!


  1. If we all lived this way, the world, environment and everyone in it, including the animals would be much better off. Bravo, Rebecca and I LOVE your illustrations!! I tend to agree with the other commenters… render bikes very well indeed. 💛

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