Beach Day

My husband took the day off so we(my son came too) decided to hop on the bikes and sit on the beach. It was hot, in the sun it was broiling, ahhh summer in August for Sweden. I only picked up my sketchbook for the last 45-30min of our time…I was enjoying the sun horizontally for a while. I started in….it is a bit of a puzzle fitting art into the vertical(or horizontal) thinness of this size book. I had to move things into the picture…artistic license. Also people move too much….you are supposed to be still on the beach! Then people would just be gone…..poof…. I added paint last night…

19 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. These sketches are wonderful! Yes, what’s with people and moving to quickly!?! It’s really hot here in Minnesota too but I know summer will disappear quickly now that August is winding down, so sad.

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