and more green in the sketchbook

This new sketchbook is a Pentalic Aqua Journal, and I have to say I really like it. The paper is more white than the Hahnemühle travel journal I like, and the texture is a bit machine like, small grain, nothing organic or handmade about it, but the thickness is very nice (140lb vs. 135lb), better than traditional Moleskine in my opinion. Painting on both sides of the paper is acceptable. The only flaw, is that the stitching is coming undone in the center, and I am only 5 pages in but I think it will hold up….I recommend this product…if you were wondering.  (I used winsor & newton pan watercolors….still a bit overwhelmed with my Dr. Ph Martins….but I will get into them soon!!)

12 thoughts on “and more green in the sketchbook

  1. Beautiful spread! I agree, I prefer a thicker paper and as much as I love Moleskine, my finished books are very wide from the warped pages! I’m using Stillman & Brim which sounds a lot like your new book, very white paper that is firm. The colors pop off the pages.

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  2. Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous, as usual, Rebecca! I’m thinking of making my own watercolor journal from a full sheet of Arches 140# CP. If I do, and hopefully it’ll be soon, I’ll post it. And the video that gives instruction how to do it. I always admire your work. Have you painted or been drawing all your life? You’re so very practiced. 💛💛

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    1. Thank you for the nice words….I can say I have been educated in the vein of art…..long ago….I can’t wait to see your video….I am very curious about how to make your own journals/sketchbooks especially out of quality paper….

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  3. Hi Sweet Lady, as one of your fellow artists exclaimed

    “your art is gorgeous” and it is. Please send us as many

    originals, that are signed, so we can start a collection

    that will, and as far we are concerned is, already worth

    a fortune and will be wildly collectable. It must be so

    gratifying to be so recognized so soon. We are proud

    to know and be related to such an artist for all time!

    Love to all, Lenny and Lynda

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  4. I’m with you in regards to Lenny/Lynda…I am so proud of you,..always have been, as you know! You are unbelievably talented and I am excited for you to be sharing your work with the rest of the world. Love you

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  5. This is such a beautiful painting and the design is gorgeous. I make my own sketch books so I can have the size and paper I want. Sea lemon on YouTube has the best videos on how to make journals and books. It is great fun and surprisingly easy. Karen

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