50 shades of green

As I was running through my checklist of “what to do’s” for the day during my morning walk, one of them was to pick up something interesting at the market to paint…..I have always leaned towards the fruit and vegetable isle to inspire me…….whallaaa…..I just had a V8 moment…

Well. everything. is. green. And I love green, I love the blue greens, turquoises, yellow and sap greens….but only green….I had to search high and low for some more color….

high red berries, low red berry, and blueberries..which disappeared on my walk home….

It cannot go unmentioned that I am so inspired with the work of Amaryllis . She does wonderful wonderful things!!

16 thoughts on “50 shades of green

  1. Love all your shades of green. I, too, get inspired in the produce section of the grocery, and a farmers’ market is almost sensory overload! (I’m still staring at the leaves, wondering if Giraffe is going to stick his face in and take a bite.)

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  2. Aw Rebecca, you are so sweet to mention me as I’m completely in love with your blog and beautiful posts. I too am a big fan of green, the spectrum of green! You leaves and berries are gorgeous!

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