Lazy Days of Summer

Sweden, specifically Stockholm has had a lousy summer so far and we are all holding out for August…and so far 3 out of 5 days has been beach-worthy so the odds are in our favor! Having the kids around and keeping everyone on an even keel doesn’t usually mean I can get a lot of painting or personal creativity accomplished….but the sketchbook does travel everywhere with me so sometimes I get the courage up and start sketching. Every summer there are some days/weeks that filter in and become the lazy days of summer..a bit boring, slow, reflective, cozy, sleepy, reinvigorating….I cherish these days. You really can’t plan them, put them in the date book so to speak, but they roll out as the summer eases on by.

My parents lost their dog recently.The kids lost a treasured pal that they cherished deeply. Ruby hung on with dignity while we visited overseas late June through mid July. The kids were grateful they got to say good bye to a wagging tail and licks on the cheeks. We have spent lots of our lazy days reflecting…..

7 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Sorry to hear about the doggie. I’m glad you all got a chance to say goodbye though.

    Rebecca, you do beautiful work on so many surfaces and in so many ways with all different kinds of subjects. Wow! I’m blown away always by your posts. Thanks for sharing. 💛

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  2. What a lovely homage to your friend Ruby, my condolences on her passing. Adore the first page sketch, so friendly and encouraging…looking forward to seeing more of your delightful work.


  3. marvelous eye for drawing out the artistic in the usual – I love following your work and seeing you explore and grow, niece of mine – thanks so much for letting me! what a tribute to Ruby, and your multi-media talent

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