Dr Ph Martin’s watercolor paints

A while back my interest was piqued about the brand Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolor paints. (ahem Barry Comer and Mel ) I am a bit intimidated. Liquid watercolors are new to me….are you supposed to water them down, use more liquid or use straight out of the bottle…..can you mix them….is it proper to use other brands in tubes or pans with them….this is a whole new world…all I can seem to do is make color charts, mixing charts….baby steps….

Any advice, guidelines, experience, tips…so forth, that can guide me would be so appreciated.

FYI: Fondue plates (often accessible for cheap at second hand stores) make great watercolor palettes. I will write the name of the paints right on the ceramic plate and they usually wash clean quite nicely.

8 thoughts on “Dr Ph Martin’s watercolor paints

  1. You are so exacting and would absolutely pass out, if you saw my method. My wife did (almost), after seeing all our water glasses filled with different levels of paint and water.

    They are a “bitch” and think there is a huge reward somewhere down the line. I have yet to really exploit the intense brightness, for fear of commitment (it’s a guy thing).

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  2. Tie them altogether, take the covers off, turn the whole lot upside down over your paper and see what happens. If they blend well, GREAT, if not NOT SO GREAT. You won’t know till you try. Da and the kids will clean up. NOT!! No charge for the great advise. Love you!

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  3. I felt the same way about regular watercolors and gouache. I am still learning and have not been very brave with them. That I intend to change that hopefully with my next sketch. My biggest fear is ruining something that I really liked. I am not one for practice, its more do or die with me.

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  4. Thats a good question. I hesitated with dyes, will they fade quickly? Do they stain or can I soak them up a bit? Since they are a dye they will behave differently then a tube of paint…thinking pigment here. Now you have me very curious, share your discoveries. I bet my assumptions are all wrong.

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