I feel like I am a million miles away…….


I am alive and well…I have visited family in the USA and have returned to Sweden and brought back my most sweetest niece ever which I am spending (almost) all my time with. I did do quite a bit of personal sketching in my journal while in the USA…and I know I promised to share, I am not sure I can now….partly due to being personal. And a bit rough….I need to practice my portraits! On a positive note….I bought some Dr. Ph Martins paint(cheers to you Barry and Mel!)!! They survived the plane ride! I learned that my art store sells a lot of that paint to tattoo artists….interesting fact! So I have a few more fleeting days with my 12 yr old. (going on 20 yr niece), and then loads of house work and then many hours of artwork and catching up with all of you, I have so missed keeping in touch! ….but don’t forget about me….I miss you all!! Giraffe is circling the world in a satellite! I guess that is how far away I feel right now! xoxo