The journey begins

Sketches made this morning at Arlanda Airport, Sweden. I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous shoe(I drew it close up and then scribbled around it) within eyeshot! Won’t post the ridiculous moving sketches I have scribbled here in Amsterdam. Great practice though! Boston here we come.

13 thoughts on “The journey begins

  1. I know you like those shoes – it was the first thing I noticed. LOL! That and you’re off on a trip … have a nice time in Boston. Will you be able to get to Philadelphia? I could meet you! Smile

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      1. I’ve only done it a couple of times and I found it really difficult. It forced me to be more creative in order to cover my errors. In many ways it reminds me of how it feels to improvise when playing a musical instrument – you try to play what you’re hearing in your head and then it goes wrong and you have to kind of fight to resolve the musical phrase into something that works. At first the process is pretty terrifying (especially in a live performance) but as you get used to it it just becomes normal. Fortunately I was always more afraid of my music teacher than of the audience!


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